Sunday, April 30, 2006

Home Depot to Americans: Drop Dead!
Home Depot to Illegal Aliens: We Love You!
By Nicholas Stix

VDARE just published a letter from reader “Joe in Texas.” It seems Joe’s day off is tomorrow, and he wanted to build some new swings for his kids and storage shed. So, he goes to the nearest Home Depot and asks if they can deliver the merchandise, totaling some $2,000, on Monday. Sure, they can deliver it … on Tuesday. The employee confesses to Joe’s wife – after he stomped off – why they’re not making deliveries tomorrow: Out of solidarity with illegal aliens. The "Joes" went to a second store, and got the same answer. It’s the law at all Home Depots. No deliveries for Americans tomorrow, out of deference to illegal aliens. The word came down from the mountain top.

That's too bad, because for several years now, I've relied on the Home Depot near Kings Plaza in Brooklyn for all of my major home repair needs. No more.

About forty years ago, after publicly excoriating President Lyndon B. Johnson, Sen. Frank Church went to LBJ seeking taxpayer largesse for some boondoggle of Church's. To paraphrase LBJ, Home Depot can now live off its illegal immigrant business, because it won't be getting any of mine. Hopefully, there are still some self-respecting Americans, in addition to Joe in Texas, who feel the same way.

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