Sunday, April 15, 2007

Mexican-American War News:
Mexican Offensive Drives 200 Miles into America!
By Nicholas Stix

Some Americans like to think that Mexico is engaged in “non-violent” war against America, whereby Mexico beats us down via demographics through its “peaceful” invasion. And since the invasion is “non-violent,” it’s supposed to be alright, and something that only a “racist xenophobe” would oppose. And some Americans refuse to admit that Mexico is invading us at all.

But the war is real, and it is not “non-violent.”

As NumbersUSA and VDARE.com report, heavily armed Mexicans with military and police training, have set up listening posts (LPs) and observation posts (OPs) 200 miles into Arizona, in order to protect drug and human smugglers. See the blown-up map of the occupiers here.

VDARE.com has links to a Powerpoint slide show supporting the story; note that the occupation is not limited to Arizona. The armed invaders also presently occupy American real estate “throughout southern Texas, New Mexico, and California.”

These go beyond acts of war – they are the acts of an occupying power. It kind of makes you wonder: Is the War in Iraq a diversion tactic to distract Americans from the takeover and destruction of their own country?

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