Saturday, February 04, 2012

Mass Murdering, Masked, Mexican Music Critic Gives Negative Review to Drug Gang Band, Killing 9, and Wounding 10
By Nicholas Stix

Note than when the title of the story below says “5 norteño musicians,” it is referring to musicians who are members of a narcoterrorist drug gang (“norteños,” as in “Northerners”) who play “narcocorridos,” which are songs glorifying the gang. Bands that belong to gangs and that routinely play “narcocorridos” are the norm in Mexico, as is the glorification of cut-throats and, increasingly, the extension of gang wars to killing musicians.

Thus, when the article says, “Norteño singers in Mexico have been targeted before apparently for getting involved with drug cartels who pay them to compose narcocorridos, or ballads that glorify drug lords,” unless the designation “norteño” means something very different down there than it does up here, the singers are not “getting involved with drug cartels,” but that drug cartels are the reason for their very existence.

Note further that the unsigned story called what the drug gangsters were playing, “popular norteño music.” Since the music exists solely as “Northerner” propaganda, it can only be popular to the degree that wide swathes of the public embrace the terrorist “Northerners.” Obviously, there are some vocal dissenters to said embrace.

(Note the parallels to rap/hip-hop, in which awful “music” and crime are both the expressions of a “culture” which one must embrace, or be called a “hater” (racist) or “Uncle Tom.” East Coast and West Coast rappers have been known to kill each other in rap wars, and rappers are often affiliated with racist black gangs and black supremacist crime cults such as the Five Percenters and the Nation of Islam. Rap/hip-hop’s defenders assert that those who find such alleged music execrable may not criticize it, because they have failed to embrace the culture from which it springs. Thus, in their world, rational criticism is impossible. There is only what Carl Schmitt called “the friend-enemy relationship” (“das Freund-Feind-Verhältnis”).

In America’s Anglo-Christian tradition, which is being buried a little deeper daily under the blessings of diversity, “dissent” entails something like saying, “I think your music sucks.” The target of the insult might then respond, “Your mother wears army boots!” or “Says a guy with two tin ears!” End of story. In Mexico, “dissent” entails something like, “Bang! Bang! You’re dead, and so are the friends you came in with! (To the corpses) Oh, and your music sucks, too!”

This is the world that both racial socialists like the John Doe calling himself “Barack Obama” and globalist Republicans want to replace America with.

* * *

5 norteño musicians, 4 others killed in Mexico
Associated Press/El Paso Times
February 4, 2012, 10:53:32 a.m. MST

MEXICO CITY (AP) - Mexican authorities say a masked man opened fire against a band playing popular norteño music in a Chihuahua city dance hall, killing five musicians, four customers and injuring 10 others.

Chihuahua prosecutors spokesman Carlos Gonzalez says the attack appeared to target members of the La Quinta Banda music group but the motive behind the early Saturday shooting wasn't clear. The suspect fired around 40 times with a high-caliber weapon in the Far West disco.

Among the dead was an off-duty police woman, Gonzalez said.

Norteño singers in Mexico have been targeted before apparently for getting involved with drug cartels who pay them to compose narcocorridos, or ballads that glorify drug lords.

[The phrase “really tough music critic” comes from my colleague, Brenda Walker.

Thanks to reader-researcher RC for this story.]

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