Sunday, November 02, 2014

New York City: The October 23, 2014 Hatchet Attack on White Cops by Black Supremacist Zale Thomnpson: A Photoessay  

NYPD Officer Kenneth Healey during happier times


NYPD Officer Kenneth Healey, second from right, in picture snapped seconds before attack


Cop down, after October 23 hatchet attack in Jamaica, Queens


NYPD Officer Kenneth Healey drenched in blood October 23, 2014


Ignoring his own wounds, NYPD Officer Joseph Meeker helps Officer Kenneth Healey


NYPD Officers Kenneth Healey, left, and Joseph Meeker


Zale Thompson runs at white NYPD officers with his ax during the attack


Zale Thompson dead with hatchet in hand


Thompson's bloody hatchet on the ground


Racist, failed would-be cop-killer Zale Thompson


Zale Thompson, January 28, 2004, apparently one of his California mug shots


Zale Thompson’s father, Ralph, October 25, 2014; the apple didn't fall far from the tree


NYPD Officer Kenneth Healey in wheelchair, being released from hospital to rehab


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